Innovative Lead Program

We do not believe in cold calling to generate sales. We work with a number of different vendors to generate leads, but one thing they all have in common is the fact that they all define a “Lead” as a client that contacts us for help. You will only deal with people who are actively looking for life insurance. You don't have to bug friends and family to sale anything. 

Aggressive Compensation Plan

At Family First Life we offer aggressive compensation. Our comp plan starts off at 80%, well above the industry average. You also have the opportunity to top off at 140% which is uncommon. We believe in the producers being able to net as much money possible off of their personal production. Raises in commission are given every two months based upon issued paid products.

Example of commission breakdown:


great culture

We believe that everyone should walk into any room with their head held high. We don't have an outdated sales culture. No one is going to hold you back. No one is going to force you to quit because everyone here at Family First Life is here to help you. We collaborate. No need for gimmicky sales competitions because we beleive we can all make great money together. 


Build your own agency

Have you ever wanted to run your own company without the astronomical start-up costs that other franchises require? Do you know that it is your life's purpose to run your own business?Then this is the place for you. We not only encourage our entreprenuer-minded agents to build their own agencies the way they see fit, but we actually help you make it your own. 


Watch the video below for a deep overview of how we will succeed in partnership with you:

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