3MinThursdays: Bypass the Fear and Try It

We all have those reservations to try something new. Whether it's food, an adventure, public speaking, leading, or anything, we tend to side with caution because of fear. 

Hustlers, you know that F.E.A.R is nothing more than False Evidence Appearing Real. It's crazy to think that what we used to be afraid of, we know enjoy, or we discover we're good at the things we've avoided for so long. 

In this edition of 3 Minute Thursdays, Fredy motivates you to bypass the fear and to try it. 

Go crush it!

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S3E9: Learn to Confront

The people we lead won't improve unless we guide them and develop them. Even when things don't go well, we need to be present in resolving conflicts. Yet, if we know that situations won't resolve themselves, why do we avoid confrontation? Confrontation isn't really satisfying but it is a necessity from time to time.

Is it because we're scared? Is it because we don't know what to do?

Fredy gives you 10 Rules for confronting situations or people so that you can crush the situation without crushing your relationships or their spirits. 

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3MinThurs: Keep 1st Things 1st

To be able to prioritize you need to have goals. If you don't, you won't know what actions to make a priority and you'll fail to stay focused. Distractions come to those who don't know how to put first things first. 

Fredy gives you a practical example of how to do so in this week's 3 Minute Thursday. 

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S3E8: Learn to Prioritize

It is inevitable that as you become more committed to achieving your success and walking out your God-given calling, that you will find yourself being pulled in a bunch of different directions. 

There's always going to be tempting opportunities to do more and it'll only continue to keep you busy. 

In this episode, Fredy talks about how being busy isn't always a good thing and the three questions John Maxwell uses to prioritize his time and activity. 

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3MinThurs: Be Teachable

I'm sure you've had a bad experience where it turned for the worse. We all have! So how do we make sure that we don't allow bad experiences to become worse than they need to be?

In this edition of 3 Minute Thursday, Fredy shares with you how having a teachable spirit prepares you to overcome future bad experiences. 

The goal of this episode is to have you take advantage from bad experiences by learning from them so that you can crush it!