S1E8: Questions from our Audience

Special Bonus Episode

S1E: Intro

Jesus M., Los Angeles, CA

“I like the name Faith Hustle. It sounds cool. How did you decide to name your business Faith Hustle?”

James 217-18

So also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.

But someone will say, “You have faith and I have works.” Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works. 

S1E2: The Importance of Constructive Criticism

Sean Terrell, Mar Vista, CA

“How do we approach someone to give them constructive criticism without coming off as too critical?”

Don’t make it personal. 

Instead of telling someone, “man, you’re reckless,”you could say, “being careful with what you’ve been given is super important.”

Be specific about the benefit and result they’ll see from the feedback. 

Instead of saying "You should clean up your act," when talking to a slovenly friend, be specific and say "Wouldn't it be great if your apartment were more organized?" or "You'd look wonderful if you cleaned up a bit." 

S1E3: The Importance of Meeting Up with Someone

Stephanie Americano, Torrance, CA 

“Can you have meaningful relationships with people who are VERY different from you? If so, how do you set your differences aside?”

Yes, you can and you should welcome those differences. 

You don’t want an echo chamber. You want a library of diverse resources even with social interactions. 

IF the goal is common, then you’ll make it work and leverage each others differences to making the relationship stick. 

S1E4: The Importance of Likability & Trust

Nohan Cruz, CA

“How important is storytelling when it comes to your business and/or to your ministry?”

People won’t remember what you say as much as they’ll remember how you made them feel. Stories have a way of taping in to our imagination and those feelings we get from visualizing the events of story we’re being told makes the message stick. 

S1E5: The Importance of Investing in Yourself

Rosie Salinas, Macon, GA

“How do you keep your commitment to invest in yourself? Love the show!”

I am not complacent. As grateful as I am to God for where I am, I know that this isn’t the final destination. I’m grateful but not completely satisfeid. 

I won’t ever be until I here the words in heaven, “'Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Enter into the joy of your master!’

I See myself as someone who is worth it. I’ll pay the best interest. 

S1E6: The Importance of Community & Groups to Propel You

Eric, Los Angeles, CA

“If people aren’t contributing to the group or aren’t taking the group seriously, how do we dismiss them or kick them out? Is that even something we should do? Thanks.

Those things need to be established beforehand. It’s important that the dialogue beings immediately. Don’t wait for things to get out of hand. 

S1E7: Live 2 Lead Recap

Laura A., in the U.S

“As a leader, how do you become a good coach and not a dictator?”

By developing your listening skills and by using your observation skills. You don’t tell people what to do. You help them discover what they’re capable of. 

Coaching is all about giving the person the opportunity to grow on their own under your care. 


Thank you Fernando, Steph, Mayra, Dustin C., Clement, Sandra, and Becka C., for your rapid fire questions.