S2E4: Your Voice & Message with Jefte Villalta

Statistics state that over 74% of people have speech anxiety aka fear of public speaking. 

In order to get your message across, you need to able to articulate what you’re thinking.

Today, your voice helps you spreadyour life’s mission.

On today’s episode, Jefte Villalta, a pastor from South Los Angeles talks to us about communication and ways that you can prepare to execute that speech or sermon you’ve been entrusted to present. 


Because that demand isn’t there, people don’t strive to be good communicators. 

As a communicator you must encompass all faucets of your body to communicate effectively. 

You’re born with certain abilities and certain gifts. They can be given clear focus so that they can become assets. 

Learning to be a good speaker takes work, it takes practice, and you should look for someone to help me. 

JC says that, in hindsight, seeking advice and help from someone else would have set him up for greater success. 

Jefte believes there are no dumb questions.  . . just dumb people who don’t ask them. So ask questions and keep knocking on the door of potential mentors. 


  1. Purpose
  2. Place
  3. Proclamation

R = Results

W = Win 

Follow that formula in terms of preparing your message so that you can be effective. 

Don’t deviate from your message because you don’t see immediate results. Stay consistent with your words. They will shape lives. 


Here is how you should stay true to your message: “Marry the purpose but date the methods,” says Andy Stanley. 

Prepare yourself, and then prepare the message.