S2E3: The Fighter's Mentality with UFC star Brian Ortega

Today we have the honor of of talking to undeafeated, feather-weight UFC competitor, Brian T-City Ortega. 

As one of the few people in the whole world, who has fought in the octagon in front of millions and won, Brian shares his philosophy of preparation, winning and losing on your own terms, setbacks, and the importance of surrounding yourself with good people to see your blind spots, to take care of you, and to push you to your limits.

Brian talks about how he deals with injury and how he uses the time off for his advantage. 

He shares light on why you need to continually have that core of loyal people that have your back in the good times and the bad. 

Brian also talks about the fat that he dislikes the word "luck" because it undermines all of the hard work and sacrifice he has put in to advance his career. 

You have to be mentally tough to win in the octagon and that preparation takes place outside of it.