S2E2: Finding Your Passion w/ Nohan Cruz

Today, Nohan Cruz joins us in studio to talk about the traits he looks for in up and comers. He shines the light on having hunger, passion, and internal desire to pursue your vision and goals. 

He has personally mentored JC and I and we pray that this chat motivates you to lead better and to be better.

You have to have passion in order to succeed. If you have passion and a hunger, then you'll attract mentors. People will want to pour into you if you show that you're hungry.

If you want to mentor people you have to give them freedom to excel in all areas. 

To develop hunger, you need to know what you're calling is. Ask questions. Ask yourself what you're good at and what interests you. 

Why are you not hungry in life?

Nike opened its doors to Nohan and he excelled in that company because of his passion. It's propelled him to travel for the company, opening stores, training team members, and empowering the amazing culture at Nike. 

How does Nohan pick choose where his time and energy go?

Learn how to say "no" to many things. There are some things you can't get be involved in because they aren't a part of God's calling for your life. 

Learn to invest in yourself. If you take the time to grow, you will reap the benefits of that investment. 

Learn soul-care. 

"I don't find time . . . I make time," says Nohan. He looks at what's important and allocates his time for those activities and he is all-in.

So figure out what season you're in. When you realize what season you're in you'll know where you have to dedicate time. 

Build a bench. Start pouring into others so that you can succeed in your organization. Be willing to let go and to trust people. They'll grow as you give them freedom, empower them, give them the keys, and see what they can do.