S1E5: The Importance of Investing in Yourself

Everyone wants success but few know the principle of investing in yourself.

Ever hear people say they have no time for growth but binge on Netflix?

Or they say they have no money for growth and spend money eating out everyday?

Well, that all about to change with this episode!

Your time and money are your two BIGGEST commodities. So instead of wondering how you should spend it, think of how you should invest it.


Get social proof of people. You don’t want to come to someone you don’t know. A lot of people out there promise get-rich-quick strategies and those are bogus!


  1. Ask others who’ve worked with them to get information on the working relationship
  2. Look at their some lurking to see what’s important to them. Are they being transparent or just posting nice quotes and pictures of cars, money, and other manipulative images? Take all of that with a grain of salt because most people only post their highlights. 
  3. This is key. Is the person you’re seeking for mentorship actively investing in themselves or are they just asking you to invest in yourself through them? More is caught than taught so go with someone who is invested in their own growth. 



Because no one else is going to do it. Figure out a way to come up with the money that could serve as the upfront investment in yourself. Carve out the necessary time that it will take to sow back into your growth. 

No one else is going to invest their time or money forever if they don't see a return on their investment. You want people to invest in you? Invest in yourself first!

Create space with your time and money to get the results you want. Don’t sink your dreams and stump your growth while withholding your time and money.

You need to sow in order to reap.

Do what JC did, work your tail off for a season and make moves! Don't hesitate to put yourself in a position of absolute hustle. IT shows that you have faith in yourself. 

Do what Fredy did, find a second job that can shorten the income gap you need to secure a financial cushion so that you can fast-track yourself to where you need to be. 


Want to invest in yourself, find a mentor, a coach, a producer, a teacher, someone that you can learn from. Offer to pay them or hire a pro, but invest time and money into yourself. 

Whatever needs the improvement (marriage, business, ministry, career) you can grow if you invest in yourself. 

Just get up early and work for the money. Then turn it around and bet on yourself. Invest in you.