S1E1: Intro

Here's a rundown of what you can expect from Faith Hustle Podcast, the podcast for millennials to grow in faith and to develop the hustle it takes to accomplish their dreams. 

We know that there are a ton of other podcasts options out there so we wanted to record this episode to tell you what you can expect from us. 

    1.    We know that most people consume podcasts when they’re doing other things, like driving. The average commute in the U.S. is around 25 minutes so we want to stay within that timeframe because time is valuable and we want to respect your time. 

    2.    You can expect honesty and vulnerability. WE share the good and the bad experiences that have shaped us. We pray that they encourage you and help you avoid the mistakes we’ve made.

    3.    Our topics are geared towards the entrepreneur that is actively pursuing their dreams.  

    4.    We do interject faith values so you will find unconventional thinking flowing out of this show. 

    5.    We have a great lineup of guests that will be featured on Faith Hustle Podcast. These guest are brought on to share their expertise. We know that the wide array of guests will be something you’ll find absolutely valuable.

   6.    We want you involved in this project so you’re welcome to write us reviews, comments, and ask questions. 

    7.    We will post a minimum of one episode a week along with show notes and highlights on our website, www.FaithHustle.com

So, how can you get involved now?

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