Elias Rodriguez Interview

Your pain, kept as a secret, can kill you internally. In this episode, Elias Rodriguez and I talk about the upbringing that shaped him, both good and bad, and how he had to come to terms with the reality of his experiences. 

Elias drops wisdom on the liberation you receive when you allow yourself to be your true self. Sometimes we have limiting beliefs because of what people tell have told us. Other times, it's because we are ashamed of our past. Whatever is holding you down, you'll be able to take from Elias' story key principles that will position you so that the healing process can begin. 

In this episode we discuss sexual abuse, leadership, ministry, God-given purpose, and cultural upbringing. Many other topics are discussed but these are the ones that will resonate with a lot of men and women.

Take notes and drop Elias a note and thank him for being open.

What a man can become if he only opens up.

What a man can become if he only opens up.


Greta Rodriguez Armenta Interview

This episode shows that our lives are always evolving. We revisit some of Greta's story and pull lessons out of her experiences. Her candor has helped numerous people in and out of church, and she's proven that she is much more than a singer. 

Greta is a byproduct of God's faithfulness. Through her vulnerabilities and honesty, Greta has become a leader that leads from the front lines. 

We discuss relationships, faith, mentorship, calling, purpose, and issues of the heart. 

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Nohan Cruz Inspires others to Just Do It

Nohan Cruz from Nike returns to share the new experinces at one of the most creative companies in the world. He is also is shows us how to be mission-minded.

Nohan shares multiple stories about how being ready has led him to jump into great opportunities as they arise. From being on the largest christian radio station in the U.S. to taking over at Nike talent recruiting, Nohan shares key principles that apply to being ready when those opportunities arise.  

How do you infuse what you do for God with your career in a way where there is no disticntion?

How does marriage work when you're going 100 MPH and how do you communicate what you're up to?

Why is communicating the vision so vital to orgnizational success?

All these questions are answered on this amazing episode of Faith Hustle Podcast.