What is the price of Greatness?

We're all self-made people but only the successful ones take credit for it. You'll always hear people distinguish themselves as self-made millionaires, or self-taught musical artists.

You've never heard someone refer to themselves as a self-made broke person. Have you? I'm willing to bet you haven't. 

Why it that? Because no one likes to take responsibility for the lame failures and unfulfilled life. No one wants to take credit for putting themselves in a position where "the struggle is real" is more than just a saying. 


Happy Birthday Dr. King

Happy Birthday Dr. King

Dr. Martin Luther King would have been 87 this year had he not been assassinated for what he stood for. What an honor it would have been for us to live in his era, to get his viewpoints on the issues of today. 

Maybe he could have ran for the Presidency of the United States. Maybe politics would have been reformed with him being full of integrity. Maybe he would have been the first black president. 

I’m sure he would have been the prize endorser of anyone trying to gain influence. After all, this is a man who was followed by thousands and admired by millions. He moved the needle and the masses like no other man in our modern era. He didn’t even seek to be a celebrity. He transcended that level.