Role of a Teacher

Make this Viral

Elijah Miles brings truth to the table. Watch this video and share it. It will be worth the 8 minutes you spend listening to this intellectual challenge. 



What Makes it Compelling?


Elijah Miles is right. 

We need to stop having a selfish mindset and learn to give back to our communities.

We need to stop looking out for ourselves and look for those that often do not want our care.

We need to love on others as Christ loved people. 

We need to educate people on the importance that change can bring.

Yes, I know this is not easy. In fact, it's pretty hard to do. Yet, I would encourage you to stop thinking solely about your life in a microscopic way, where it's all about you, but rather, that you would view your life as a catalyst for change. 

I do believe teachers hold the power to drastically influence change. In fact, I know that many of my teachers have shaped (or are continually shaping) who I am today. 


You Are a Teacher

You can be a teacher to someone regardless of where you are in your life. People (primarily children) will follow your example. Make it your priority to become a positive influencer. Teach from what you know. Tap into your experiences so that others can learn from you. 

So stop being selfish and become selfless like most school teachers are. Give of yourself for the good of the next generation.  That's my challenge to you.