They Need You

Change people's lives!




We're in a brand new year and it is filled with so much potential and hope right now. The optimism of most is pretty high. 

Yet, most of us assume that people will remain this way throughout the year and that's just not the case.

Life is amazingly beautiful and fun but it can also be tough.

So it is likely that the enthusiasm that some people around you have right now will fade.

They need your help.

They need you to stay positive when they're not.
They need you to stay inspired inspire of discouraging circumstances.
They need you to remain hopeful in the hardest times.
They need you to ream strong in the toughest moments.
They need you to keep growing even as they quit on themselves. 
They need you to keep the faith even as they question it.

Your firm decisions to stay constant will inspire life back into people when they've died to their dreams. 

Is it a lot of responsibility?


But I trust you can do it. I'll be praying for you to bust through the craziest of times. 

Be the person people seek out for inspiration when they're at their lowest. Be the person people seek out to revive their faith when they have none. Be the person God uses to bridge people from death to life. 

Be that person.

You mentor,

Fredy J. Romero