Wisdom in the Book of Proverbs

Smart people know they aren't the smartest. That is why they surround themselves with other smart, intelligent, wise people. 

"Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers, they succeed." Proverbs 15:22

I firmly believe that. 

I know people who have succeeded in life that live by this principle.

They continually seek counsel, advisers, mentors, and often get coaching so that their plans do not fail. 

If you're struggling with failure then look no further to where you are getting advice from. Sometimes it is better to not get advice than to get bad advice. Still, both of those options will not help you sustain your success.

(I say repetitive failure so that you know that failure is not the end-all of every experience. It is part of the process. You have to be okay with failing here and there. Yet, it cannot be the norm for you, your life, your organization, your dreams, your ministry, or your business.)

This is why I constantly encourage you to seek others who will help you and keep you accountable. 

When I work with people who are consistently hitting obstacles and not overcoming them, I ask, "Who are you surrounding yourself with?"

This is why I love reading the book of Proverbs. It contains timeless wisdom!

You and I will journey this month through this good book because we can go through the 31 chapters of Proverbs in the 31 days of May.

That's my advice to you.

Your friend and mentor,