Getting Buy-In for Your Vision

You have a vision that is more impactful than the one you’re organization holds now. You know that if they were to share your enthusiasm for the vision and just give it a chance, everything would be pretty awesome.

If only they could see eye to eye with you on this.

One of the strengths that you need to have as a leader is to be forward-thinking. You need to be a visionary. 

The leader who settles in present will run an obsolete operation tomorrow. It has to be your goal to stay ahead of the times.

It isn’t easy though. Having everyone buy-in is difficult. You will find that people have their own assumptions and their own desires. Don’t think for a second that you’re the only one that’s contemplated change. 

Just because you’re sold on your vision doesn’t mean everyone else will. Expect opposition. Don’t be surprised when someone raises an objection. Often times, people need to be reassured that they matter too, that you’re taking into account how implementing a new vision will affect them.

Even when change is necessary, it can be hard for people to want to change. It may be more difficult for them to change the way YOU want them to change. 

You’re going to have to deal with it. 

You can get people to commit if you present the vision as a work in progress. In other words, you allow people to contribute and suggest towards the operation of the vision. You don’t have to accept every opinion but people will take ownership of something they helped create. 

And look, let us be honest here, our thinking isn’t perfect. When Thomas Edison invented the light bulb, he did so after experimenting hundreds and thousands of times to get the result he once envisioned. 

A little discussion and debate with your team may be good for the vision. They may see holes in your plan that you don’t see yourself. 

Don’t lose sight of your vision. Don’t lose sight of the result you know you all can attain. You have to gracefully relentless. 

The way your vision manifests may be a little different. Don’t lose sight of it.

The timeline of it may be different too.

Don’t lose sight of it.

The people who work the vision and help achieve the vision may differ from the ones you thought would be there every step of the way.

Don’t lose sight of it. 

If you’ve been investing in the relationships of those on your team, you’ll probably have an easier route to achieving your vision.

If you haven’t, you need to start immediately. 

Your vision may motivate them to start working towards the vision but your leadership is what will keep them hustling for that vision. 

You vision will come to light if you lead people by allowing them to be a part of the process and taking ownership, if you invest in the people you lead, and when you don’t lose sight of that vision. 

Begin practicing those things now with smaller ideas so you get good to one day present that one big idea you already have.