Be Authentic

So here's a video that feeds the stereotype of a used car salesman. I have nothing against them. Not at all.




If this man's intention was that his car ad go viral then he absolutely did an amazing job. If his intention was to sell more cars, I don't know how I, if I needed a car, would be compelled to go to him to purchase a vehicle.



Here are a few observations:

  1.  The last commentator pointed out that he was wearing shades. It may not seem all that important but when it comes to representing yourself to your customers, you need to be as transparent as possible. Break the negative stereotypes.
  2. He seemed unauthentic. DO you really think this guy would go to a Silentó concert himself?
  3.  Though the ad was hilarious and that itself grabbed my attention, the emphasis should have been on the customer experience and service I would have received going to his dealerships, the specific deals and specials the dealership is offering, or how they are the superior choice for car buying in KANSAS!
  4. He bought into the mindset that if you want to SELL you have to be willing to do ANYTHING. Being entertaining was good but he did not build rapport with me, gain my trust, or add value to me.