Develop the Self Before Anything Else

Normal business practice is about getting busy for the sake of being busy. The owners and leaders work in the business and on the business. For them, any form of activity is king. 

For successful leaders, learning is king. They consistently work on personal growth.

The top leaders in the world work on themselves first, and then the business. 

The growth of your business depends on the quality of your ability to think. Yet, only a few people intentionally do daily activities that challenge their thinking, raise their awareness, stretch their faith, and improve their vision. 

For the average person activity takes priority over development and personal growth. 

Of course activity is important. You can improve the quality of your thinking but if you don’t apply any of the learned wisdom it is all for nothing. Yet, taking action without thinking can be flat out dumb.

One of the hardest things that I’ve had to help entrepreneurs do is to unlearn the unproductive habits that filled their calendars. Prayer, personal growth, and active thinking (like writing your thoughts and ideas in a journal) have to be incorporated in place of ineffective activity. 

Thinking is more than just having your mind wonder about whatever. There is a lot of preparation that should be take place.

Pray, learn, think, and hustle. That has to be your routine.


When you begin to unlearn things, you start to question the activities you’ve been doing. Research has been done about the way our school system sets us up to think at the most basic level of thinking. 

We’ve been asked to memorize information so that it hopefully stays in our brains at the precise moment we will need it in life. Even when we are taught to critically think, our answers usually need to conform. 

Jesus Christ would ask so many questions. In fact, He asked more questions to present new information to the light. He asked and asked and asked. That’s how He would set up His disciples for new revelation. He rattled their thinking which helped them understand and become great preachers though they were not in the clergy. 

He didn’t have them memorize things. He asked them questions. 

You need to ask better questions, and that only happens when you can put yourself in a position to dare answer those better questions. 

If you’re filling up your days with mindless activities, then you won’t allow yourself the time and space to critically analyze. 

Do you want to improve on what you have in front of you?

A better questions is, do you want to develop what is inside of you? Because that will surely improve everything that’s in front of you.

Do not take this lightly, you’ll only be as good as you develop. We are either progressing or regressing. We never spend two consecutive days being the same person. Therefore, we either got better today or we got worse. 

On what side of that equation are you currently on today? Are you getting better or are you getting worse?

What do you believe about your potential?

Reflect for a moment on the answers that come to your mind. What do those answers tell you about your belief when it comes to your potential?

Do you believe that there is a limit to your potential? 

What is revealed in your answers will determine your success in whatever area of your life you want to win in. There is no potential in your business, in your service, in your ministry, in your relationships. You have to understand that potential does not exist outside of you. 

What exists in your business, in your service, in your ministry, or in your relationships is opportunity. The potential exists within you. 

That’s why what you believe will determine what you do. My Bible tutor once told me that our beliefs influence our behaviors. The problem is that when we believe the wrong thing because of wrong information we stop ourselves from thriving. 

The cause of that is that sometimes your are not aware of what your beliefs are. So first you have to be aware of what it is you believe so that you can unlearn any bad information about yourself. That can only happen when you ask good questions. 

So you have to be willing to learn. Look, I’m not going to sugar coat it for you. If you want a breakthrough, you have to be willing to learn. You have to want to develop yourself. 

Highly successful entrepreneurs value the development of the owner over the development of the business. 

They make significant and consistent investments, in improving their mindset, and skills. They hire coaches to challenge their thinking. They invest in books and resources and actually apply the knowledge within those books. They constantly participate in courses and classes that will stretch them. 

Learning to develop the owner or leader over developing the business or organization is the first step en route to greater achievement. 

I was talking to a millionaire business owner years ago and I won’t forget what he told me. He said, “the business world is cruel and if I’m not working on improving myself, then my business is regressing. I have a solid team around me and I’ve made sure that they understand this principle. As the leader of the team, if I’m not growing, then we’re not growing.”

Just like the most impressive ship can only safely reach its destination by the captain and crew, a business or organization can only reach its destination by the steering of a leader who is developing constantly. 

Before we continue on this topic over developing the self before anything else, my question to you now is: how much time and money have you invested in improving yourself for leadership and business? I’m not talking about academically, but the kind of improvement that can only be gained by stretching your mindset. 

Are you currently making your development a daily priority? 

Let me know, I’m eager to know how you are kicking butt.