New Direction(s)

What we start tends to morph into other good things as we progressively discover more about ourselves. 

Like take my business for instance, I realized that the reason I was holding out on doing new things was because I was afraid of failure AND of what people would say about my failure.

Now, looking back at those things, I find them a little silly and it almost makes me want to tear up because I wasted so much time not doing things I knew could benefit me all because I was afraid. 

This blog started with the intentional to show people how smart I am. The fact that that was my purpose for starting this shows how clueless I was. Why did I feel I needed to do that?

Well, I would read so many blogs from other people and realize that after I gained so much insight and information from reading their content, I would say, "wow, (so-and-so) is pretty smart. I'm glad I read this!"

On so I thought that if anyone was going to read my content, that it would be because they would see how smart I was. 

But in reality, I never read those blogs because I thought the person was smart. I read them because the information was good and delivered in a way I could consume it. The content related to me and that's when the lightbulb turned on.

I was literally spending HOURS on 1,400 words, long-form, intellectually infused content, and forcing myself to perfect it so that people would say I was smart. 

That's not the reason I go into business. I didn't get into coaching or speaking or teaching or writing (for that matter) to be considered smart.

I began to do this because I loved to serve people and to help others get ahead. 

I lost focused of that at the beginning and through out the existence of this blog I've realized that the most sought after blog posts were the ones where I would just pound the keyboard with my fingers, spewing my feelings and emotions, and trying my best to have a conversation with the reader.

I wasn't being as methodical about how I came off as much as I thought about how this particular blog post could help someone.


I'm no longer enslaved to what I think I need to be and I feel free enough today to just be. 

And I encourage you today to take the steps to being you, your authentic self. That's what the world wants and most importantly, that's what the world. needs. 

If you preach, don't feel like you have to preach like so-and-so from that one church. No. Preach like you and deliver that message like only you can. 

If you are an actor/actress, don't be intimidated by how others get their fame. Do you. If you work hard enough and persist in building your network, great opportunities will come, with or without fame.

If you're an entrepreneur, do not allow the world define what success is. Be yourself, add value, and deliver on your promises. You'll soon discover success beyond measure. 

I write this now, with complete freedom and devotion because I know that I can't help the whole world but I can totally serve those in my world. And for all of you who continually read my stuff, "thank you for sharing in my experiences."

Now, you may be aware that I finally launched my podcast, the Faith Hustle Podcast, and the reviews and feedback has been phenomenal! I encourage you to check it out and to subscribe. 

But have no fear, this blog and I aren't going anywhere. You will get more and more of me through my content. 

I will be sharing, documenting, and teaching from my own personal experiences, books, movies, conferences, or even conversations I have. 

Send me an email or comment below. Tell me how you will change from being what you're not to being yourself. 

Much appreciation,

- Fredy J. Romero