What do you expect?

I just finished reading Start: Punch Fear in the Face by Jon Acuff and it was brilliant. He carefully lays out the process by which you START your journey towards living out your calling.

That's right up my alley!

Here's one point from the book that I'd like to share with you:

"I've never met a farmer who was surprised by his crops. Who stood on a front porch, in overalls I'm assuming, and stared out at a crop of blood oranges when he clearly remembered planting soybeans. 
"If you work hard, you tend to expect results." 
If you decide that you'll spend ten hours a week on your path to expertise instead of twenty, you'll get there slower than someone who owns the twenty and gets down to business."

We tend to rise to the lowest level of our agreed upon expectation.

So don't be baffled when you notice that your harvest is bare if you haven't put any work into getting better. 

You might not realize this but you know this principle so much that you sabotage your life. You don't expect results because you didn't plant the seeds for those results. 

You have to plant in faith. You have to plow in faith. You have to sweat in faith. 

Faith and works. That's what it takes to honor God with our lives. We work on what we can and trust God. 

So what do you expect out of life? Do you expect to have problems or do you expect to have solutions?

Have you been seeking out the solutions for the problems that will arise in the future or are you going to wait to "cross that bridge when you get there?"

If you have low expectations then you'll hit those expectations. 

That would explain why you sow so little. 

Start planting today. Plow the land. Trust God. 

Then expect the results.