The Best of 2015: Blog Posts

There were days where I would stare at blank screen on my computer. The blinking curser on my writing app would tick me off. Sometimes, I just felt braindead. 

No inspiration.

Dry as a desert. 

Just braindead. 

Yet, as soon as I prayed for my audience, my people, my friends, I would start pounding my Macbook with words that would eventually turn into resources or blog posts. 

This year, this blog had a respectable growth. We averaged about 390 readers per blog post and 655 unique visitors per month! Last year, at this time our audience was 10 times smaller.

Now, I know that this numbers are dwarfed by the amount other websites pump out. I'll admit that they used to intimidate me. The gap between those sites and this site is huge! Yet, I am so excited for the impact God had on many this year, for the experiences that people learned from, and for the inspiration you have to accomplish more next year. 

The numbers don't tell the whole story either. Because of you, the person who constantly shares these stories, we were able to help so many people by inspiring them to pursue their God-given calling. It made me so proud to see how certain posts and lessons were taken to heart. It was a humbling experience to answer questions every week in my inbox.

So here at my most read and shared posts of 2015. Please take some time to review them, share them, and most importantly, let me know which posts impacted you the most. I would love to read what you have to say. 

Top 5 of 2015

1. I Couldn't Stop the Voices

This single post inspired so many people because we could all relate to the paralyzing effects of self-judgement. I received so many emails of people who were now aware of what exactly was keeping them back. 

2. This is What is Killing You

Many people do not realize how liberating it is to say "I'm sorry". Pride kills the potential of leadership more than any other sin that I know of. This is going to be a great reminder that there are people we need to approach and just admit that we were wrong. 

3. Ask More

How did I marry the woman of my dreams? I asked her. Everything in life is attained when you ask for it. I shared how asking I helped me bust through the friend-zone (such a tense place) to now being a part of the husband club (I don't think anyone calls it that). Do you need inspiration to ask for more? Read this post. 

4. Pitfalls of Young Church Leaders 

Humility and grace. Those are two key ingredients for young leaders to practice. As a man of faith, I am encouraged to see that many young people are happily serving the church. This is a post on what can lead to pitfalls. 

5. How To Get Ready for Change

Nothing achieved is achieved by accident; You have to decide you want to grow. I share how I went from not knowing what I would do in life to engaging in the process of change. You will grow and you do need to improve and that can only happen if you prepare yourself for the positive change that's about to come. 


My Prayer for You

I pray that in 2016 you passionately seek to do God's will. 

I pray that your 2016 is the year you take the plunge, take the crucial first step, and make the commitment to improve.

I pray that in 2016 you would not make attaining materialistic things of value a priority, but that you would rather become a person who adds value to others. 

I pray that in 2016 you do not repeat the same destructive habits that held you back in 2015. That you would not make the same mistakes.

I pray that you would take the lessons and experiences that you gained this year and apply them to your life.

I pray that in 2016 you know Jesus Christ more.

I pray that in 2016 you reap what you sowed in 2015. 

And don't ever forget, that in me, you have a friend and mentor who is willing to help. 

Have a Happy New Year!


-Fredy J. Romero