Waiting for God to tell Me

when you feel you must go

Want to know what I can't stand?

People will say things like, “Fredy! I feel like I’m in a horrible place in my life right now."

(You can replace the phrase "horrible place" with "a dead-end job, the wrong relationship, a depressing environment, a disappointing ministry, etc.) I have heard this song a number of times.

I will ask, "why don't you get out of it? What's holding you back?" To which, some have replied, "I am waiting for God to tell me to move."

Have you ever felt that you were stuck, miserable, frustrated, restless, because of a situation that you felt you had to endure? 


what you feel

This is challenging because for the most part, I do feel that the uneasiness that you are feeling could in fact be God's way of telling you that it is time to move on, to let go, and never go back. Maybe God is making you uncomfortable to tell you that your season is up. 

Sometimes people are looking for a clear sign. I think we all do. We want the God who spoke everything into existence to speak to us with a roaring and affirmative voice the instructions that we need. 

We read about these stories in Genesis where God speaks to men and they do audacious things because God clearly spoke to them. 

Like the story of when God speaks to Abraham and tells him that he needs to leave his father's land. I get jealous sometimes of that because, though Abraham needed to exercise his faith to travel to the unknown, he still had the assurance that God spoke to him. 

Or Noah. Man, Noah must have looked crazy telling everyone that there would be a massive flood coming but he still kept building this ship because God told him to. 

Even Moses, the man who led thousands out of captivity, was empowered because God spoke to him through a burning bush. 

These are just a few examples of where men do because God says.

But what about when God seems to be silent? Then what?


How God Will Speak to You

One of the keys is to know how God can speak to us. In my personal experience it has not been an audible voice but rather an experience.  

That same Bible that tells me about the people who heard God's audible voice is the same Bible that is God's literal voice. He has spoken and has left us His words in that great book. 

This excerpt is from a question that John Piper responds to from a man who wants to know how God speaks. You can read the rest of it here.

Jesus warned against those who seek a sign. So here he is. He is standing there in front of the Pharisees and scribes speaking and they say: Give us a sign. What does that mean? It means that the voice of Jesus Christ the Son of God wasn’t adequate. They needed something more. They needed to feel more, touch more, see more. They wanted more. And Jesus wouldn’t give it to them. And I think we are in a situation today not unlike that. We hear more of the Son of God than anybody in Jesus’ day ever heard, because we have all four gospels and those people got it in snatches. Therefore we have the wholeness of the revelation that Jesus meant to communicate and it is speaking to us every time we read the Bible. And if we turn away from that and say: But I need a sign. I need a voice. I need a tree to fall down in the woods when I am talking. I need something. We are putting ourselves in the position of those who demanded a sign.
— John Piper

Clearly, this can be conflicting to a lot of us. In fact, I would never dismiss God speaking to us outside of His word. I think God can, may, and will use any means to communicate with you but I think when He speaks outside of His word it is because that isn't what is being sought.  

You might be feeling so frustrated right now because you don't understand this. You've been asking for a sign that won't come.


god still speaks today

Jesus said that He would send the Holy Spirit, the helper/counselor, to guide us to all truth (John 16:13).

I believe that those discomforting feelings inside of you can be all the convictions you need to move. You don't have to wait any longer but believe it in faith. Life will get uncomfortable for you when you're not fulfilling your purpose in life. You will feel a tug-of-war inside of you. 

I have heard it say that when God spoke to Moses through the burning bush, that He was there to show Moses that his life wasn't meant to be lived as shepherd of sheep but rather as the leader of a great nation. Yet, unlike the burning bush that God used in that occasion isn't what God is using for you. Maybe the burning bush is the burning sensation that you have within you. Ask God your questions, just as Moses did, and I'm sure you'll know that you have to move on. 

Next time you are tempted to say that you're waiting for God to tell you to move, think for a moment. Maybe He is waiting for you to finally listen. 

Love you all. God bless!

- Fredy