Sprouting Out

We were sweeping the outdoor stairs, picking up the fallen leaves off the ground, admiring such a beautiful day. My wife suddenly pauses our conversation and points to something uncommon on these steps.

The steps outside are porcelain floors. They are one of the hardest substances around. Each tile is thick with clay and because it’s outside, it’s meant to be durable.

Strong little plant. 

Strong little plant. 

She points to this little set of leaves that have somehow pierced through a crack on the first step. 

This little plant has no business being here. At least that was my initial thought. After all, it’s where we walk. In fact, the nearest natural plant or tree is a few yards away.

What I failed to realize was that underneath this entire beautiful staircase laid the original floor of soil.

This plant that had broken through only took advantage of the cracked floor. It saw an opening and took to sprouting up. It didn’t matter that It didn’t belong there, only it did. This plant taught me an invaluable lesson, when there’s opportunity, you must sprout.

I suppose that a lot of things can be laid over us to subjugate our growth. It could be that we were taught to be fear driven rather than purpose-driven so we never figured we could rise above that. Or maybe we struggle with insecurities that seem to always creep up when we want to branch out.

Could it be that maybe the reason you’re not succeeding is because of self-inflicted harm? Maybe you are your own worst enemy.

Often times we confuse those psychological barriers and mask them with tangible reasons because it can be noticed with our senses. So we blame our poverty, lack of education or opportunities, or other people for our state of failure, never realizing that all this time the root of the problem was within our minds.

I have news for you. Underneath whatever life has put over you is the original soil. There is you and your God-given purpose.

What are those dreams that you want to accomplish? What would you say is your purpose of this earth?

This little plant didn’t push the crack the tile but it took advantage of an opening and realized its purpose. It grew from underneath.

Some cynics could say, "but Fredy, you could crush the plant with one stomp. Why the need to applaud it for sprouting?"

Well, I would simply answer that by saying, not everyone who is meant to sprout sprouts. Not everyone who was born to succeed succeeds. Just because you were meant to doesn’t mean you will. I believe that God will place you in the most perfect place for you to grow even if you don’t think it is. 

For some of you, you need to realize that God will cause openings above you but you need to keep your eyes fixed, ready to discern the opportunity.

Tomorrow we will talk about opportunities, how to seize them, and why it is important to stay ready. Today, I really wanted to encourage you by telling you that you can grow wherever it is you are planted. You can grow no matter what you were burdened with. You can become what you were meant to be. 

Let me know: what are you struggling with today?