You Are Rich


Now, during the holiday season, everyone might be so inclined to fall into different forms of sadness because of what they don't have. Don't join in on that. The image above totally reflects the process of being grateful.

1. In absolute ignorance, he cries because he has no shoes to play his favorite sport. This might be you. You might be sad because you don't have what you think you really need. Think about all you're wishing for this Christmas. Do you really need it so much that not having it causes you to be in a state of sadness? 

2. He becomes aware that someone else has far less than him. He sees that man's lack. Get out of your own little world and expand your view globally. There are so many people in plight while you're complaining about what you don't have.

3. He then looks at what he does have. This is the key. Look around you. Seriously, take a deeper look as to what you have. You are blessed! Zidane doesn't just say, "well, I guess I don't need cleats anymore because I have feet." No. He says, "and I realized how rich I am."

This is a Christmas season is a great opportunity to give thanks for what we have. Furthermore, it is your chance to give to others what they may lack instead of waiting to get yours. 

How does this quote affect you? Let me know in the comments below. 

God bless!