Thank God for Mondays

Be Thankful for Mondays

The weekend is over! Now, back to the grind. Question: Do you hate your job? 

The holiday season is among us and I wanted to take some time to challenge you. 

Usually people take this time to be thankful and I would like to challenge you to be thankful for where you are on Mondays. 

In Gallup’s 2013 State of the American Workplace study, 70 percent of those who participated described themselves as “disengaged” from their work.

Of over 150,000 people surveyed only 30 percent admitted they honestly enjoy their job and their bosses. Those who show up but are less than thrilled about it — or “disengaged — made up the biggest category at 52 percent of workers. The remaining 18 percent are people actively disengaged — those who vocally express their discontent in the workplace.

This is shocking to me. (If you are an employer, you should be concerned with this truth.)

If you are at work or school today be thankful. Be thankful that you have an opportunity to make money, to advance your career, to gain resources to make purchases, to walk in your purpose. 

Be thankful that you’re in school, studying in preparation for greater knowledge. Many people do not want to grow intellectually. You have that opportunity. Therefore, seize it.


Know people that dread Mondays? 

“Ugh Mondays . . . work . . . school . . . coworkers. . . boring classes . . . ugh” is usually the mindset of those who don’t see the bigger picture. 

People who see the bigger picture have the perspective that where they are right now is only a stepping stone for where they want to be tomorrow. They don't view work as merely work but they see it as a means to an end. 

Maybe it is not the place you envisioned yourself but it could make for a great training ground or network building opportunity. Do not let the time where you are go to waste. 

If your workplace is just horrible then see it as a way to practice your patience. Or you can do what smart people do and find another job! 

No one forces you to go to work or to school. So if you are in either of those places, make sure you do not become a habitual complainer. 

Thank God for Friday (TGIF)? Yes, of course. But be thankful for everyday that you get to live. 

Matter of Perspective

Being thankful is a matter of perspective. There are many people around this world who wish they were employed and/or going to school. 

This is another topic I will write more on but I just wanted to challenge you and ask you: what side are on? The side that sees everyday as an opportunity to grow? Or on the side that sees Monday as part of a four-part stumbling block in the way of Friday?

My goal is to challenge you every Monday for the week. 

This week’s challenge: Be thankful for where you are growing on Mondays.


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