Coopetition vs. Competition

Life is real and there are winners and losers. That is a fact. The sooner we realize that, the sooner we can start our way upward. 


Now, I am not about to start to define what “winning” for you is. That is definitely on you. You can take that up with your values and figure it out through prayer and meditation. Success is defined differently by everyone. For some, success could be:

• More Money

• The Dream Job

• Fulfilling their Purpose

• Making it to Heaven

• Marrying the “Right One”

• Owning Property

• Being Famous

...And so on 


Regardless of what you define as winning, you have to know that in this day in age, winning cannot be done alone. 


With technological advances in technology, business, finance, art, and education, we have to admit that the old days of “every man for himself” is over. 


We live in our world where the new vehicle to success is collaboration rather than direct competition. Some have coined a new term for it: Coopetion, or Co-petition. This is where people from the similar or different industries help each other out to further their progress. 


Whether the progress is to gain new clients or to market a brand, intentional cooperation between two or more parties is a sure fire way to reach your goals faster. 


I see so many professionals directly competing against each other in hostile manners. We see this a lot in politics when the debates become a platform to attack the other candidate and avoid talking on the issues. They run smear campaigns relentlessly to win votes. It is awful.


I have even seen ministers compete with other ministries because their ministries are similar. 


Not only is it the wrong way to conduct an organization; It is the wrong way to live life.


If you want to get further ahead in life give more of yourself before asking for anything in return. 


Could you imagine if rather than seeing your competitors as competitors, you would view them as an integral part of your dreams? The music business has long known this fact and that is why you see artist featuring other artist on their albums. It is not because they cannot do music on their own. It is because they give each other an opportunity to gain a bigger following by borrowing each others audiences. 


Now, say this with me: It’s okay to ask for help.


Give more of your expertise, time, and resources to other people instead of withholding them. People will be grateful and view you as a connecter and source of knowledge. Help other entrepreneurs and ministers by taking the load off of them in ways that you thrive at. 


Don’t compete for an audience but share the audience. You’ll grow it faster. 


I will write more on this subject soon. For now, please subscribe. 


Have you noticed a career, business, or ministry shift when collaborating or Coopetiting with others?  Let me know about it by leaving a comment below. I would love to hear from you.