They Need You

We're in a brand new year and it is filled with so much potential and hope right now. The optimism of most is pretty high. 

Yet, most of us assume that people will remain this way throughout the year and that's just not the case.

Life is amazingly beautiful and fun but it can also be tough.

So it is likely that the enthusiasm that some people around you have right now will fade.

New Direction(s)

What we start tends to morph into other good things as we progressively discover more about ourselves. 

Like take my business for instance, I realized that the reason I was holding out on doing new things was because I was afraid of failure AND of what people would say about my failure.

Now, looking back at those things, I find them a little silly and it almost makes me want to tear up because I wasted so much time not doing things I knew could benefit me all because I was . . .