My Mission

To encourage you so that you can be empowered to do what you love. Since childhood, I have fueled the effort to actively promote, lead, and inspire people like you to achieve their purpose, dreams, and goals.

Whether, it's from a stage or in person or through leading my own financial services agency, transformation-oriented service has been my passion. After countless years of coaching informally, I now embark on furthering the journey of those who dare to dream. 


Though I was born in Hollywood, I am turned off by people who act Hollywood. 

My Central American parents instilled in me the virtues of hard work, family, and most of all, a life devoted to Jesus Christ.

It wasn't easy growing up in South Los Angeles and going to gang-infested schools but I was blessed with great teachers who cared about me. It is always a blessing to surround yourself with people who care. 

My dad also dropped in me a passion for reading books. Even though he didn't have a formal education, he taught me how to read and comprehend the writings of compelling authors. In a time where smart phones did not yet exist, my dad would always have a book with him to read while for the doctor, the mechanic, his food at a restaurant, wherever! He took advantage of every moment to gain a little but of wisdom. 

I now live in Los Angeles with my wife, Maura Yesenia. We are still newlyweds! 


I coach and mentor leaders, entrepreneurs, and high-achievers to empower them to live out their purpose so that they don't live aimlessly.

I also hire and equip go-getters to achieve financial success while ensuring that our clients are financially protected.


Nowadays you'll find me speaking all over the country at several churches, schools, agencies, businesses, you-name-it I'm there. 



Partnering up with my mentor Dr. John C. Maxwell to train and develop leaders has been a thrill.

Partnering up with my mentor Dr. John C. Maxwell to train and develop leaders has been a thrill.

What We Can Accomplish

  • We can find our life's God-given purpose by asking the tough questions.

  • We can breakthrough anything that holds us trapped though faith and action.

  • We can stop selling our time working jobs we don't like by doing what we love.

  • We can become better leaders to bless those we are responsible for.

  • We can grow and develop our potential for greatness by investing in ourselves.

  • We can overcome any fear in Christ Jesus.

  • We can multiply our influence for positive change in the world that we live in.

  • We can make dreams come true with the confidence that hard work pays off.